Excel Flame Resistant FR Comfortouch Shirts: Superior Protection Made Simple

Excel Flame Resistant FR Comfortouch Shirts: Superior Protection Made Simple

As a professional man or woman you depend on your work wear to provide you with all the benefits necessary to stay safe and secure in your work environment. When you work in hazardous conditions or deal with harsh chemicals or utilities, you will find that you still demand the same protection and security as everyone else many times over. You need safety, and when you trust Excel Flame Resistant (FR) Comfortouch shirts for your work wear needs, you are getting more than you probably realize.

The tag line for Excel FR Comfortouch shirts is “Cotton’s comfort. Nylon’s durability.” And that is exactly what you get. This blend of cotton and nylon is 88/12, and nothing is more comfortable or superior in the protection department.

What does Excel FR Comfortouch shirts offer protection for?

· Electrical utility workers,
· Ferrous metal workers,
· Chemical workers,
· Those in the petrochemical industry,
· Gas workers.

There are many professions where the best protection is necessary, and you will find Excel FR Comfortouch shirts offer your top half superior protection when only the best will do.

What are some of the types of Excel FR Comfortouch shirts you can count on when you go shopping for the best work wear in the industry?

· 6 ounce dress uniform tops – These tops are lightweight, and offer protection for light tasks. The flap over the double breast pockets are snapped shut, and the collar is perfect for those needing professional with protection. Perfect for men and women, this unisex piece of flame resistant apparel is cost effective and offer more protection for less money.

· 7 ounce dress uniforms tops – These tops are slightly higher rated than the 6 ounces, and therefore, offer slightly more protection. Not sure what rating you need in your flame resistant apparel? Ask your employer! The right rating is a necessity to insure the proper and right amount of protection.

· Button front work top – This is an amazing comfortable and professional work top looking like that “corner office” top you would wear with all the durability of flame resistant apparel. Yes, you can have it all! There are few Excel FR Comfortouch shirts as perfect as these. You get the best for an affordable price tag.

· Concealed gripper pocketless top – Sometimes, you simply need a gripper top that excels at protecting you. No need for pockets. That is why this gripper pocketless top is ideal for your working environment. The colors available are great for allowing you to customize your daily work experience to the best of your capabilities.

Excel FR Comfortouch shirts allow you to work without worrying you will come to harm. In addition, you are kept comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. No, you do not have to look good when you get down and dirty, but you have to stay looking professional. These Excel FR Comfortouch shirts allow you to remain professional when you need professional, yet allow you to move when you need to move. That is why more men and women who need flame resistance trust this superior company for all their protective work wear needs.